Currently occupied as Software Project Manager at Infostrada Creative Technology and
owner at Cool Wine Media Design

Previously as User Experience Architect at New Day at Work

My story

For some reason I always have this list in my head with to-do's that need to be checked all day. This way I always have the urge to complete things, which does makes me getting things done. Sounds stressful, but there is no need to worry since I'm still capable of relaxing. For example while hitting some balls at the tennis court, running a couple of miles, fill my mind during "self-learning" activities, satisfying my ears while creating musical hardstyle melodies or playing games on my Xbox One.

Because of my interests, skills and knowledge in digital technology (web, video and audio). I see myself as a kind of a nerd, although still a people's person with no lack of social skills.

Things I love to do, as best as possible

UX or UI Design

As a professional I commit to the statement that a good User Interface Designer is always taking the User Experience into consideration of what they're designing. In the end if people can't use a product, they won't. Therefore I think UX and UI are the two aspects that literally define the success of a product.

Web Development

One of the most awesome aspects of Web Development is that what I have created in the UI/UX phase, comes to live in this phase. Next to that there is this super-friendly community with it's willingness to help each other. In what other field do people in direct competition go out of their way to help one another?

Product Ownership

Since I am capable of working with business owners and programmers at the same time, I'm really in my comfort zone as a Product Owner and even with offshore teams. My personal characteristics like perseverance and "being on top of things" can really thrive in this role. I think it is a privilege to be experienced as Product Owner, this is an opportunity to bring a vision to life.

Always keep asking whyalways think about why stuff is as it is

Contact me


Bunschoten, The Netherlands


+31 6 1345 8633